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Top 10 Tips To bring out the best in you and your little one

By on April 15th, 2017

Becoming parents is one of the best experiences of your life. So feel happy and good that God has chosen you to embrace this wonderful gift.  On the other hand, playing a role of parents is not an easy job.  There are several times when you may feel that you have failed completely as a parent. But all these things are part of being parent.

A smooth relationship between you and your kids is very important as it decides your child further actions in life. There are ten essential Parenting Tips For Parents  which are help you  to become a good parents for your little ones.


  1. Give your child love and fondness

The best thing you give your child is love. A caring hug let your kid know how much you can really care about him or her. Give lots of hug and kisses and make them comfortable with love and affection from birth. Love them unconditionally.

  1. Admire your children

It is an important part of being a good parent. Every parent wants your child to feel proud of their achievements and make them confidential. Make a habit of admiring your children at least two times as much as you give them negative feedback.

  1. Not compare to others

It is big mistake to compare your kids with others. Every child is unique and special. A child has her/his own dreams and it is the responsibility of parents to respect their ambition. If the parents compare their little ones with others then he/she become a victim of inferiority complex and losses self confidence.

  1. Spend time with your children

This is the main issue when both the parents are working and so much busy in their daily schedule. So in spite your busy life, you should always spend lot of time with your child. Talking about daily life, play with them and going out and doing some amazing activities with them, attend school functions and do homework with them.

  1. Listen to your children

Children always have something to say. Always listen to their words carefully and understand their fears, doubts and anxieties often calm them.

  1. Give respect and expect it in return

Don’t do anything to your kids that you wouldn’t want child do to you. The list of things you don’t want to be doing include: Yelling, spitting and hitting.

  1. Help your child improve their social skills

The basic and main responsibility of parent is making your kids socially acceptable. Teach them good etiquettes and help them to increase his social quotient.

  1. Don’t criticize your child

Children make mistakes; even grown individuals also make tons of mistakes. So, when your little one make mistake don’t criticize them. They need to know what they did wrong and why that thing is wrong.  So take some time to explain to them.

  1. Don’t spank your children

Most parents feel irritated and confused at times that they lose their temper and spank their children. Spanking attain nothing but fear. If you feel angry then take a break. Try to control yourself.

  1. Trust and respect your child

It is very important thing that help to become a good parent. Giving some duties to their kids, involving them in decision making and allowing them privacy when they need it is showing respect and trust.

When you become a good friend of your child that guides him and gets respect too, the life becomes heaven and relation with your child is called successful in real sense.