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Top 5 tips to spend mellow time with your lovely kids

By on June 19th, 2017

Days become week and week become months, and time flies and then we realize that we rarely get quality time to spend with our kids. Implement these practical and decisive blueprints to relish beautiful moments together.

It is just morning and you have a long list of priorities such as preparing breakfast, lunch bags, after-school activities, dinner, homework, bath time, bedtime and above all your adulthood responsibilities.  You get exhausted and only a little energy is left that drag you towards bed so that you can follow the same routines of life.

Birthday passes and your 5 month old baby grow up to 5 years old kid; don’t you feel that something special is lacking in your life. Have you heard about slow parenting, attachment parenting and tiger moms?

A kid needs your attention together with love and meaningful time. It doesn’t mean that everyday will be perfect but hopefully, someday will be adds-on like memorable moments.


There are some tips that really work to create a good connection between you and your kids.

  • Have a pajama walks –before going to sleep you can be chaotic with kids simply by walking with them and talking about whole day activities. It might be interesting to get lost in TV but try this it will add sweet memories in your life.
  • Try Taco Night- Really want to understand the taco night meaning! Kids are very choosy about foods, so once in a blue moon prepare something special for them such as Italian, Chinese, pan cake or something as per their choice. So, a mother can come closer to their beautiful daughter by talking help in washing vegetables or passing of utensils.
  • Fix together – the kids like to help their parents while planting trees or painting a fence. It’s like killing two birds with one shot, one spends some masti time other do your homework.
  • Try something funky – plan a theme party for your kids and behave like small kids, it might be a jungle theme, rainy dance.
  • Play games- kids enjoy their parents company only when you behave like kids not you become a tiger mom and start explaining the reality of life. Play some outdoor games, if not possible try to learn video games and play together with them

We doesn’t motivate that let kids do what they want, we only want to act like childish sometime to bring a smile on their faces. Time passes and all have to be in parent’s shoes. Child’s wish it could be possible that they parents understand them. It’s all about the time how you spends with your kids.