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About Dreamflower ?

Dreamflower Montessori School at Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai - Admissions Open Dreamflower is a preschool providing Montessori education to children in 2-6 age groups. Founded in 2014 by CADD Centre, a globally network of diversified skill development institute.

Dreamflower offers your children a wonderful educational alternative to daycare. Its located in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600041. Call +91 98848 73498 to schedule a visit! or Register to call back.for admission : Admission

Our Mission:

To develop the full potential of children in every aspect, and to enable them to imbibe values and live in peace with themselves and others.



Montessori classrooms are interactive environments in which hands-on exploration is necessary. By using the mind, the body, and the senses, learning becomes an activity that engages the whole self. We provide activities of:

Practical life | Senses | Language | Arithmetic | Culture

Children are free to move and choose their place of work. They decide what to do. They are given freedom of choice and independence to work on their own. They are allowed to learn alone, in pairs, small groups, and large groups.

After every activity or period, we give children short rest periods - for their brains to wind up and connect things they had learnt during activities.

Outdoor activities & Games

A novel feature of Montessori approach is that the children are encouraged to do outdoor learning. We take them to zoos, parks, nature walk, farms, poultries, and places like post offices.

Within our premises children take up: watering of plants, collecting dry leaves, sweeping the outer area, sowing seeds, among others. We are planning to have music classes (singing, musical instruments), chess classes, and theatre classes shortly.

Why Montessori?

Montessori is an education for independence. It prepares students for life. Dr Maria Montessori, the Italian physician and educator, developed this refreshingly new approach to education based on a series of ‘genuine discoveries’ about children and their ways of learning. She believed: “When you have solved the problem of controlling the attention of the child, you have solved the entire problem of the child’s education”.

Essentially, a Montessori school lets children learn about the world and themselves in their own way, on their own pace, directed by their own potential. Montessori method only aids the learning by scientific pedagogy and effective stimuli that help students pay undivided attention to their subjects.


Our classes are designed for children from 2yrs to 6yrs - that is, from infants/toddlers to primary school kids. However on special circumstances we can accept children who have completed 1.8 years of age.

Our school hours are 9am to 2pm. When there is a need, we function till 3pm. We are open on all weekdays and 2nd and 4th Saturdays.

Highlights of our admission policy:

  • Parents need not be graduates
  • We enroll students throughout the year - any day of any month.

Why to enroll your child in Dreamflower?

  • Using Montessori-teaching technique, a proven best method for kid's overall development.
  • Hygienic, safe, disciplined and homely environment.
  • 15:1 student teacher ratio, with certified teachers, and many more.

Upon completion, your children will be given a Transfer Certificate signed by the Principal, Vice-Chairman and the Secretary of Indian Montessori Centre.


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